Everything about Šuto Orizari

Fortune telling is one of the many professions in Shuto Orizari !

Тарот е една од професите во Шуто Оризари !

Ова е социјалното центар во Шуто Оризари. Секоја месец се оди да се пријавуваат со тоа им следува нареднооит месец да земат парична помош.

This is the Social Center in Shuto Orizari. Every month people have to go there and stand in line to sign, so they will get their social aid next month.

Ромите се најталетирани во играње ,пење и свирање. Во Шуто Оризари има фоклорни друштва еден од најпознатите е Пралипе кој постои со генерации и е презентер секаде и кај нас и во светот на ромскот фоклор култура и обичај.

Roma are very talented for dancing, singing and playing music. In Shuto Orizari there is one of the best known folklore groups called „Phralipe“ („Brotherhood“). It has been in existence for many generations. They give performances of Romani customs all over the Balkans.

We have poor and rich people in Šuto Orizari. This is an example of a rich man’s house. This is one of the richest people in Šuto Orizari. He is dealing in textiles. He imports material from China, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. He employs about ten people.

And this is a street where poor Roma live.

Most Roma do not live in blocks but in small houses.

This is one of the places where the young people play football, basketball and table tennis in their free time. In Šuto Orizari we have three sports grounds like this. This is not enough for all of Šuto Orizari.

Here we can see a typical Roma wedding. People are dancing to the music of a brass band. The house in the upper picture is made from corrugated iron. It has been there since 1963. At that time there was a terrible earth quake in Skopje. These containers were donated by the United States. Some people still live in them.

In our community most of the people are Muslims …In our community most of the people are Muslims …

… but there are also Christians. This is one of the places where the Christians go to pray.

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This is the group of younger girls rehearsing for the presentation on May 6

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Ambrela is a new organization that applies itself to education work among the Roma population. Here is a short viedeo about a dance project led by Maria Weisshuhn and Muarem Abdi.

Покрај невработеноста ромите во Шуто Оризари постојат образовани роми кои работат како учители.

Although there are many unemployed people in Shuto Orizari there are also some with higher education who work as teachers.

Ромите работат и како механичари но немаат сопствени фирми повекето од нив работат дома гаража а некои работелници.

Roma also work as mechanics. Most of them work work in their private garage and onlz some are employed.

Ромите работат како електричари. Дел од нив работат во државни фирми а некои приватно.

Roma are working as electricians. Some of them are employed by businesses and others work privately.

Бидејки поголемиот дел од жителите на Шуто Оризари се невработени, и социјални случаи повекето егзистенцијата ја обезбедуваат преку разни работи кои една од работата е возње на такси.

Because the greater part of inhabitants of Shuto Orizari are unemployed and living on social aid they find all sorts of occupations and one of those is taxi driver.

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